Best of British Science Fiction 2018 Anthology

“–Good.” has been selected for the BBSF 2018 Anthology this year. It’s a small thing in the scheme of things–just one story in a reprint market–but I’m still quietly happy and very honored to sneak on the list 🙂 Flash is sometimes a hard sell for big anthologies, and many flat-out don’t accept fiction of that length.

Hopefully I can swing by WorldCon in Dublin this year for the launch. Depending the date, and so on and so forth. In subsequent years, Worldcon is going to be abroad (New Zealand, then Chicago I think) so this will be the best year for me to try going.

I think FFO would probably appreciate a direct link-back, so although I’ve posted it in the past, here is another link to “–Good.” as originally published.


2 thoughts on “Best of British Science Fiction 2018 Anthology

  1. earthdreamer

    Hey, congratulations. I’d say that was a big thing in a writer’s scheme of things. Well deserved for a great story. I loved it so much that I printed it out to keep in my own personal anthology of little on-line gems. There are few I’ve enjoyed so much. I trust you don’t mind? 🙂


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