Announcement: Book deal & a new website

I can hardly believe this day is here, but I’m winding down this blogsite as of today. No more posts or updates will be going out from this page, although I’ll leave most of it up for posterity and interest.

The reason for that: earlier this summer, I signed a book deal, which I’m only just free to announce, and that pretty much necessitates a website overhaul. When I couldn’t do what I wanted with my blogpage here, I decided to start from scratch and moved to a self-hosted domain.

Thanks so much to my handful of readers who have stuck with me this far! If you would like to keep up with book news and me more generally, here is the new URL with a new sign-up link:

Hope to see some of you on the other side! My official book deal announcement goes live, tomorrow, at 2.30pm GMT.


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