Helpful Links

  • Absolute Write Forums: A place to find critiques, critique partners, beta readers, and to talk shop about publishing
  • Writer Beware: An incredibly useful guide to scams and bad businesses
  • Query Shark: The best resource on the web for writers trying to learn queries
  • Bookends Blog: A wealth of posts and videos from literary agents on a wide range of industry topics, mostly geared towards new writers

Writer Alliance

I am founding member of Writer Alliance, a tightly-knit critique group comprised of other writers and authors who I regularly swap WIPs with. All links here are to their websites/work, as part of our on-going efforts to mutually support each other’s careers.  Members are listed in alphabetical order below:

Essa Hansen  (Twitter)  (Website)

Darby Harn  (Twitter)  (Website)

Essa Hansen  (Twitter)  (Websit

Alia Hess  (Twitter)  (Website)

Jennifer Lane  (Twitter)  (Website)

Leigh M. Morrow  (Twitter)  (Website)

Joanne R. Wasdin  (Twitter)  (Website)